The top golf courses in the US

As golf is considered as one of the most expensive sports in the world, the venues where the game takes place need to offer a five-star experience to the ones who can afford it. Being one of the most modern countries in the world, the USA can be proud of its resort courses spread around different states. Below we will list the top three, explaining why they are so significant for the real golfers.

Pine Valley Golf Club, Pine Valley, New Jersey

The list begins with it due to the fact it was ranked number one by Golf Magazine three times: in 2012, in 2015 and in 2019 and it had won many other prizes since the eighties of the last century. It is not surprising that it is a private club where you cannot enter unless you are a member or you have an official invitation. The first thing that makes it so attractive is its location – deep in the peaceful pinelands of the state. This also makes it one of the most difficult courses, as some players and architects claim. Of course, if this is your hobby and you have been practicing it for years, you will need a challenge of a lifetime and you can find it in the face of this place. Not only can you do sports, but you can also experience a comfortable stay in the traditional clubhouse.

Augusta National Golf Club, Augusta, Georgia

This amazing venue is famous for being a host of the annual Masters Tournament, one of the most popular events in professional golf. It is famous for its luxurious and well-maintained appearance, where you can feel like in heaven being surrounded by millions of azaleas and dogwoods, ponds and birds singing. Augusta National Golf Club does not offer the opportunity to apply for membership. It is strictly by invitation. So far, there are only about 300 golfers who are lucky enough to participate in its events.

Cypress Point Club, Pebble Beach, California

An interesting fact is that this club did not accept any black members until 1991. However, this was just in the past. Nowadays, there are about 275 members who can have fun around the cliffs on the peninsula, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. With this stunning view, it is impossible not to be in the mood for doing your best. Some of the most notable tournaments, being hosted by Cypress Point Club are Bing Crosby Pro-Am and the Walker Cup, making it one of the most prestigious courses around the USA, according to Golf Digest.

How are they ranked?

In order for a golf course to be scored accordingly, it needs to be evaluated about 60 times for the past decade, being in accordance with seven categories. The essential ones are the environment, shot value and atmosphere. Having in mind all these requirements, it sounds somehow logical for a member to pay even $10,000. The more you spend, the better you get.